In My Culture, At Least Where I Grew Up, Oral Health Is Not A Priority And You Don’t Go To See A Dental Professional Unless You Really Have To (i.e.

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I lead a wonderful community-based organization in Worcester that handles almost 10,000 visits a year and helps hundreds of refugees, immigrants and low-income residents to rebuild their lives and strengthen their communities. And I am a US citizen. What a gift! I might be Americanized in many ways. But not in every way. In my culture, at least where I grew up, oral health is not a priority and you don’t go to see a dental professional unless you really have to (i.e. life or death). For many years, because of my busy schedule, being frugal, and the lack of understanding the importance of healthy teeth, I didn’t visit a dentist. And for many years, I didn’t get a regular cleaning or a checkup - “It’s OK, because I brush and floss my teeth daily,” I reasoned with myself. I had to learn my mistake the hard way.

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